As revealed in the last episode, Reverse Flash is back. With the Speed Force gone, can the Flash team stop him before Barry drains what is left of his powers?

As the title of this episode states, there is an exorcism to separate Thawne from Nash. And it does not seem to be an easy process. Reverse Flash starts to increase his strength on Nash’s negative energy by bringing up a tough memory about Allegra (who is seen in a picture with Nash before the crossover).  Allegra is revealed to be a doppelganger for a girl named Mia. When Nash and Thawne are separated, it is hinted that won’t be the last time Team Flash will see of Eobard Thawne.

Also in the episode, Eva’s plan is revealed. She is using Iris and Camilla as pawns to get a refractor device to release her from the mirror. As the days go by, it seems Joe is the only one who senses Iris isn’t Iris.  

And there is a plan to rebuild the speed force. After Barry defeats Thawne, he remembers Nora saying she learned everything about the speed force from Thawne. Nora logged everything she learned in her journal.

In next episode, the return of Rag Doll and Barry’s powers continue to fade. (And don’t fret. The episode is really on April 22nd not April 7th as the trailer says. )