In episode 5, Kiss Kiss Breach Breach, we step away from the Crisis coming up. Instead, they brought back characters: Cisco’s ex-girlfriend Gypsy and her father Breacher. Here is the summary:

Barry and Iris decide to take a weekend vacation away from Central City. Some much needed time together before the Crisis. Barry leaves his first-in-command Cisco in charge. But Cisco isn’t 100% confident in himself and creates a program named B.A.R.I. (Barry Allen Replicated Intelligence). Configuring him with algorithms based on Barry’s previous decision making. Along with other knowledge such as his favorite movie.

In the middle of the night, Breacher makes a visit to Cisco. Cynthia, Gypsy, has been murdered. To find her killer, Breacher wants to vibe with Cisco. Even though Cisco took the metahuman cure, he is still having side effects of vibes. He is then able to vibe with Breacher and they both see it was Cisco who killed Gypsy.

My Thoughts

This was a good episode. Even though it was a filler episode, it was nice to bring back past characters and have some questions answered to their continuing story. There were some scenes with Harrison Wells and Joe in the sewers, and Caitlin finds Ramsey after he has gone m.i.a.. But the main story of the episode was about the closure of Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship. Especially since they separated mutually after finding their relationship wasn’t going to work out.

But with each week, there is the anticipation and anxiety of the BIG crossover event. And with each week, the episodes will start to get bigger and bigger. And we are halfway there!


The Flash ep. 6: The License To Elongate