This would have been the final episode of Season 6. Although, if the original plans went the way they should have, it might have been a different episode. Possibly leaving a cliffhanger to wait until months to find out what was next. But as everyone knows, 2020 didn’t go as planned.

Also with the loss of Hartley Sawyer (Ralph Digby/The Elongated Man), exited from the show last June, there might have been re-shoots to the episode as his character was brought, briefly, into the story. Another change to the plans.

Love Conquers All

Eva continues her reign over Central City. Her powers have gotten stronger as it is not just mirrors she can manipulate. But any surface with a reflection. With the artificial speedforce down, Barry is powerless.

Barry goes to Iris’s beside who is unconscious. He feels a spark from her as he reaches for her hand. Iris is the key to getting his powers back. The team uses the repaired speedforce machine to get Barry’s powers back.

The Flash, with Vibe and Frost, fight against Mirror Master.  When the team is in trouble, Iris shows up to help. Along with Flash, Iris is able to talk Eva into reversing what she has done to everyone. Eva brings everyone who was sucked into the Mirrorverse back and dissipates all of her duplicates.

Timeless Wells

Doctor Harrison Wells, the original Wells, makes a visit to Barry and the Flash team. He explains to them the other doppelgangers made an imprint of themselves in him. Including all their memories plus their admirations of the team. He then tells them he is a time traveler and will be back when they need him again.

Sue and Ralph

The couple make an appearance to the the team after McCulloch Technologies has been blown up by Eva. Ralph got the brunt of the explosion as he has come into Star Labs completely melted. To put him back to normal shape, the team puts him in a head-to-toe suit. Can’t see Ralph’s face and his voice is distorted, but Ralph and Sue leave Star Labs. They decline staying with the team saying they need to continue finding Blackhole operations in Europe.

The Flash continues with Episode 4: Central City Strong.