Ever wanted to go back in time to relive a day? Would you do it in the nineties (if you lived in that decade)? Cisco and Chester found themselves in 1998.

Back To 1998

Cisco and Chester find themselves in Masonville in the year 1998. Nineties fashion, Space Jam (the first one), VHS, and a Blockbuster is still open. They know they need to find who the anomaly is that brought them there. When they think they have found him, they are sent back to the beginning (like a Groundhog’s Day effect). This time they have a problem. The device they were using is broken. 

To fix it they have to get some hardware. Chester’s father is the last one to buy the piece they need to fix their device to get to the right timeline. Chester then finds out the date and realizes it is the last day before his father’s death. After some thought of whether or not to talk to him alone, he goes sees him.

As their conversation goes on, Chester realizes what his father did was for him. The long hours of work. The days away from home. Everything he did was to make Chester’s life better. This realization and their talk helped Chester in talking to Deon as his powers started to expand further into Central City.

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