Each month our team of dedicated writers and DC fanatics will be nominating one person to enter the DCWorld Hall of Fame Monthly Semi Final. We will be each posting an article, to put to you the people, why our nominee should go into the HOF Final in December. Here is the eighth and final entry into the DCWorld Hall of Fame August semi-final…

Maria Mercedes ‘Fish’ Mooney – the queen of the underworld representing everything so bad but so tempting.
Jada Pinkett-Smith delivers a powerful performance which is possibly overlooked from time to time. She
makes it impossible to hate the character and instead has become moreish and loveable villain.

Fish Mooney is certainly one of the best female villains of all time in my opinion.
Her beautifully crafted costumes and pitch perfect dialogue reflects female dominance and power,
leaving us anxious to what she has planned next. The level of evil that she portrays is not seen any
TV series before, making it so good. you can’t help respect the trust and confidence that she portrays in each episode.

Fish Mooney ruled season 1 with her right hand man Oswald Cobblepot, a growing friendship that
will be tested in each season. After Season 3 their friendship will be seen from a different light, after everything they have endured.

Show some respect for the best villain out there – Fish Mooney!