Episode 18 has a great history throughout the seasons of a Gotham. Eighteen was definitely a significant number as a certain character celebrates a monumental  birthday, the gift from Alfred was impressive and great significance. Cameron Monaghan promised this to be a badass episode….and it was. Tabitha also really impressed me in this episode how she remained true to herself and a friend to Barbara no matter what powers she has now. Gripping and guessing until the end. Executive producer Danny Cannon is back writing this episode and Nick Copus back in the directing chair.

A meeting is taking place with the new Major of Gotham. The Commissioner, Mrs Haverstock from the Moral Authority Society, A priest and a lady who wearing a rosette who looks to be a supporter of the Mayor. Mrs Haverstock is concerned about the amount of anchary on the their beloved city of Gotham. As the Mayor explains that himself and The Commissioner have been working together over the last few weeks to bring calm back to the city, Mrs Haverstock notices the room going cold and the lights above them turn off. Mr Freeze and Mad Hatter have arrived to take the Mayor and his guests as his presence is needed elsewhere.

The Mayor and his guests are put into a back a security van. Jerome along with Firefly, Oswald Cobblepot and Scarecrow are waiting. As soon as the Mayor sees Jerome he tells him that he has excess to the police pension fund. Jerome smiles at this tempting offer but he will pass. The Mayor tries to reason with Firefly but he calls her Bridget, he offers her safe passage out of Gotham, a new home and new name but thanks to people like him Firefly is happy as there is no Bridget anymore. The Mayor next turns to Jervis Tetch and promises he can get him a pardon and calls them all lunatics. Jervis thinks this is harsh as he considers them to be visionaries. The last person the mayor can turn to is Oswald who reminds silent. Firefly and Jerome wait for Oswald’s answer which is Oswald is 100% with Mr Valkeska. Jerome tells the Mayor he is too serious and that’s why his approval rating are down. People need to laugh more and with this Scarecrow sprays his new laughing gas on the lady with the rosette. She shakes violently and starts to laugh hysterically and her face turns pale with her mouth widening. Jerome wants the city of Gotham to start having fun after all what is there to loose about from your sanity. Oswald watches from the corner of the van and isn’t comfortable with what he is witnessing.

Happy Birthday Master B! Alfred has brought Bruce to the garage at Wayne Manor and hands him a wooden box. Bruce is a little surprised Alfred remembered, of course he has Alfred has always loved his birthdays especially his seventh. Alfred continues to tell Bruce of a favourite memory when Bruces father gave him a red wagon which Bruce filled with rocks, which he was going to use to build a secret home for his wagon that only Bruce would know about. Bruce smiles fondly at  the memory and opens the wooden box which has a car key inside. Bruce presses a button on the keyring and impressive roar can be heard. V8, 5 litre 460 horse power engine mat black non reflective bulletproof Mustang is Bruces gift from Alfred and it gave me goosebumps. This is the first of Bruce’s many cars and possible Bat mobile. Bruce gives Alfred a embracing hug of thanks that even Alfred was surprised by his reaction and another emotional scene between these two wonderful characters.

Captain James Gordon informs Detective Harvey Bullock that The Mayor and The Commissioner have been kidnapped by Jerome. Harvey has just won $100 on a scratch off lotto card and hoping Jim wanted to visit the track with him but he is willing to do Jims thing first. Jims cellphone rings and Oswald needs to talk to Jim alone. Jim lets Oswald in through the back door, Oswald straight away wants to know what Jim is doing about Jerome. Jim becomes defensive as he is currently looking for him, but asks Oswald if he knows where he is? Oswald makes it clear that if he knew he would not tell Jim as he would go in guns blazing. Oswald demands for Jerome to be stopped as he has Freeze, Hatter, Scarecrow and Firelfy under his thumb and they are all part of his dark terrible plan. Which is Jim asks? Oswald hesitates slightly but continues, Scarecrow has made a gas for Jerome much worse then fear toxin. Jim wanting to know what he has planned with it, Oswald doesn’t know as Jerome tends to keep plans to himself but they all have different task to perform but Oswald doesn’t know what his role is yet. Jim gets annoyed at this doesn’t really help him but Oswald admits that Jerome scares the hell of him and was willing to play along with him for a while hoping that things will go back to the good old days but Oswald knows nothing good will come out of Jeromes plan. Jim thinks Oswald is scared of the competition as Jerome casts a shadow over him, which Oswald finds ridiculous as Jerome is a maniac, anarchist and isn’t interested in money and power. One more thing Jim, Oswald wants Jim to know that he is an honest criminal. Harvey comes to find Jim, Oswald leaves quickly through the backdoor. Jerome has been spotted in Paisley square.

Gotham Music Festival is under way, a band is on stage with dancers and the crowd is enjoying the music. The singer turns around and sees someone has gatecrashed the stage. Jerome is shaking his booty at the crowd and air jumps to front of the stage which knocks the singer to the floor. The crowd becomes silent as they recognise Jerome. Jerome grabs the mircophone stand and continuly hits the singer in the face. The other people on stage run away as Firefly uses her flame thrower over the crowd as they duck down and scream. Jerome announces though the microphone that the Arkham Asylum lunatics have arrived to blow some minds. Jerome promises they are going to love the next show and introduces The Mayor, Commissioner Reynolds and a lady who Jerome doesn’t know but we know as Mrs Haverstock. Jeromes men put leather straps around their necks which has explosives attached to them. There are two empty chairs which Jerome points out they are for two guests of honour. Jerome goes over the rules of the show if he doesn’t get what he wants he will flick a switch on his detonator and kill them individually. Jerome also warns the crowd that if any of them tries to escape they will die too. It time for Jerome to leave a message for Jim via the camera man recording the concert.

Tabitha is dealing with an unhappy gang leader and he feels he speaks for all the other gangs in Gotham. Tabitha’s aggorance and disrepect will not be tolerated, because she beat and dragged his brother out onto the street. Tabitha makes it clear that the gang leaders brother abused the staff and never paid his tab, the gang leader is still pursuing she shows his brother respect. Barbara offers an apology but the leader wants her blood as an apology, and Babs isn’t surprised. The ladies from the League of Shadows appear and probably one of the best slow motion scenes i have seen on Gotham in which it shows just how good the special effects team are on Gotham. The ladies of The League throw their Nija stars at the gang, but the really cool part of this scene is how you see Barbara’s hair slightly moving in the breeze as they pass her, as Tabitha turns her head the way it is captured is beautiful. Tabitha was confident she could handle them but Barbara doesn’t see why she has to now Barbara has an army. Leila the lead lady from the League of Shadows makes sure the gang leader is dead with her sword to his back, but Barbara can sense there is something wrong. Ra’s al Ghul choose Barbara and Leila understands that he passed on his spirit to her but she doesn’t understand why Barbara would want to stay somewhere so distasteful as The Sirens club. Leila asks Barbara does she want to carry on Ra’s legacy? Barbara definitely likes the sound of it and Leila has many ways of showing her.

Two security men are walking down the corridor at Wayne Enterprises laboratory. They see a round object rolling towards them, its starts to flash and beep making the over head lights flash on and off. It’s an ice bomb as it explodes the security men are frozen to the wall. Mr Freeze and Scarecrow walk towards a Lab where people are at work with dangerous chemicals which Mr Freeze is glad to hear. Scarecrow aks the lady technician that they need more laughing gas made, when she questions how much Scarecrow pulls half a dozen white barrels in front of her.

Captain Gordon has arrived at Paisley Square with GCPD back up. Jerome and his men are on stage dancing to the 60’s theme of Batman television show, what a great Easter Egg. Jerome announces Jim is in house as the music stops. There is an erie silence as everyone waits to see what Jerome is going to do next. Jim refuses to talk to Jerome until he can get up on the stage and check on the welfare of the hostages. Jerome thinks he should be the only one making demands and shows Jim the detonator control in his hand. What Jerome is doing is a act of terrorism and wants him to ask the Mayor what is the city’s policy in dealing with terriorist. Jerome is quite frankly offended. Jim tries to move closer but Firefly uses her flame thrower to warn him back. Jerome informs Jim about one more thing about the detonator if an attempt is made on him then the dead man trigger with automatically kill the hostages. Jerome wants to talk about the two empty chairs as Jim hasn’t asked him yet. As a detective Jerome wants Jim to work out who they are for. Jim is correct in guessing one chair is for Jeremiah but hesitates on the second. Jerome reminds Jim which other do gooier in Gotham who ruined his fun was Bruce Wayne. No instantly refuses and is willing to put himself in that chair. In a tone which is probably the calmest I have ever seen Jerome, he makes it clear to Jim he wants his brother Jeremiah and Bruce Wayne. Jerome soon gets angry as Jim isn’t listening to him and that has forced his hand as he presses a button on his detonator and The Commissioner head gets blown off. The crowd screams at the sight of this gruesome scene. Jerome asks one last time, “bring me my brother. Bring me Wayne. Bring them now.” 

Alfred sings happy birthday to dear Master B and places a cake in front of him with eighteen candles on. Selina doesn’t give Bruce the chance to blow them out and comments how someone worth billions has a very lame security system. Alfred is just as surprised to see Selina as Bruce is and put the two cake plates in front of them. Bruce thanks Selina for visiting him on his birthday but Selina claims she didn’t know and just happened to be strolling in the neighbourhood. Bruce cuts the very yummy looking cake and tells Selina that it’s good to see her, they begin to eat and Selina mentions that Bruce going through his brat stage with the drinking and friends was an act. Bruce smiles slightly and admits that Selina is more sure about that then himself.

Alfred returns with Jim and Lucius, Jim informs Bruce they need his help. Jim turns on the television so Bruce can see Jerome talking into the camera waiting for his hostages. Jim explains the hostages Jerome wants is Jeremiah his brother and Bruce. Alfred will not allow this but is interrupted by Jim as himself and Luicus have a plan. Jerome begins talking again and doesn’t feel he is being taken seriously so he blows the head of the priest. Alfred gives it another go at pursading Bruce not to get involved and stop the press…..Selina agrees with Alfred. Jim believes with Bruces help they can prevent more deaths and agrees to hear the plan. Jerome is using a short wave radio trigger on his dead man switch, if they can cut the signal he won’t be able to detonate the explosives. Luicus gives Bruce a small box which deactivates the signals when it gets close enough so his trigger will be useless, which will give the snipers time to take out Jerome, Firefly and the rest of his gang. Alfred wants confirmation that its going to work, Luicus is positive well..99% it will.

Leila from The League of Shadows has brought Barbara and Tabitha to a house that belonged to Ra’s. It’s a place where ancient secrets have been held. No one from The League of Shadows have seen what is laid behind a door. Barbara’s hand lights up and the door now can be opened to find out why Ra’s chose Barbara. A light glows on the centre of the door, Barbara places her hand and the door opens. Stepping inside a room with masks, statues and right at the back of the room is a portrait painting of Ra’s with a woman with light brown hair which looks like Barbara. Tabitha tries to enter the room but Leila stops her. Barbara’s emotions become stronger as she always knew she was destined for more and there was something deep inside of her that she could not explain. The ladies of The League of Shadows bow down to Barbara on one knee when she turns around, whilst Tabitha looks perplexed at what is happening as Barbara announces she is home.

Snipers take their positions near Paisley Square, lead sniper radios through to Harvey is in charge they have Jerome their target insight. Harvey warns them about making sure a false move otherwise the Mayor will be headless next.

Jeremiah does know what is happening as he does watch the news. Whilst pouring himself a whiskey he thinks Jim is crazy in thinking that he will agree to help, Jeremiah isn’t prepared to be a lamb to the slaughter. One thing Jim is sure of is that Jerome doesn’t bluff and if they don’t meet his demands more people will die. Luicus and Jim explains to Jeremiah like Bruce how the device will deactivate the signals. Jeremiah is not convinced and doesn’t want to be murdered live on television. This next part of this scene is one of my favourites from this episode, Bruce introduces himself to Jeremiah with respect and calls him Mr Valkeska. Jeremiah wishes they had met under better circumstances but Bruce immediately stears the conversation to what Jeremiah has been working on, which is a compact electrical engine. Bruce is genuinely impressed and recognises that Jeramiah has a brilliant mind and hopes they will soon be rid of his brother so Jeremiah can work and live free of fear. Bruce understands that Jeremiah has reservations about helping but Bruce trusts Captain Gordon and Mr Fox. In another thought Bruce thinks maybe if does go wrong he would like to think that facing Jerome is one way of showing the people of Gotham, standing up to terror is the only way to take its power away. Jeremiah agrees after Bruces well said words. Jim receives a call from Harvey saying that Freeze and Scarecrow broke into Wayne Enterprises Labs. Jim remembers Penguin telling him about a new gas Scarecrow has been working on. Harvey is on his way there whilst Jim and Luicus make their way to paisley square with Jeremiah and Bruce.

Harvey arrives at he lab where there are frozen people in the corridors. Inside one of the labs you can hear people laughing. The lady who was asked by Scarecrow to make more has frost in her hair and laughing on and off hysterically as Harvey asks where has the laughing gas has been taken too. But she can’t give Harvey anymore information as she doesn’t know.

Jerome is playing an electric guitar and starting to get impatient as Bruce and Jeremiah show up. Everyone falls silent again as Jerome asks Bruce and Jeremiah to take their seats on stage. Bruce has a confident determination look on his face whilst Jeremiah looks terrified and has to be encouraged by Jim. The signal blocker boxes that Bruce and Jeremiah have on them are now active but they need to get closer. Jim talks into his radio to the snipers to get into position. Lucius tells Jim now, the snipers have also been a target by Jeromes men and get shot. Jeromes tells Jim that he had his guys take up the best advantage point the night before and have been watching the SWAT team. Jerome keeps encouraging Jeremiah and Bruce to come up on stage so he can get the party started.

Tetch, Scarecrow and Oswald Cobblepot have arrived at an airplane hanger which houses a Blimp. I have never heard of one so I had to look it up and it’s a completely different to an airship or Zeppelin. The two pilots want to know what they are doing in a restricted area. Scarecrow says their cargo is too precious to waste and uses his right hand to spray another gas in the face of one the pilots. Tetch asks the unharmed pilot if he can fly the blimp solo which he can so Tetch hypnotises him. Oswald is stunned when he sees the size of the Blimp and watching the events unfold he realises the kidnappings, the concert in the square were all to draw the biggest crowd so the laughing gas can be dropped on them. Oswald sees this as madness, but Scarecrow thought Oswald would see this as thing of beauty but Jerome was right he anticipated Oswald’s betrayal as they know he went to Gordon. Oswald gets knocked over the head, under Jeromes orders Tetch is going to tie Oswald up inside the blimp so he can have a birds eye view.

Barabra is looking through a history book and is fascinated at the finding as it covers centuries. Ra’s had influences over history, but Tabitha sees him as a cult leader. Tabitha thinks The League is brain washed and Barbara asks Tabitha if she thinks that she is brainwashed too. Barbara sees herself as bringing the change to light. She walks to the portrait and talks about potions and incarceration’s to raise Demons. Tabitha doesn’t recognise Barbara as the Barbara she knows would of sold all the junk in the room to the highest bidder. Barbara believes this is her destiny and asks Tabitha to look at the painting of her and Ra’s four hundred years ago. Tabitha doesn’t even think it looks like Barbara (which it does) Barbara is adamant that it is her and sees Tabitha questioning as jealousy and orders the ladies to take her out on the street and teach her a lesson. Tabitha challenges Barbara to do it but Barbara doesn’t dirty her fingers with the likes of Tabitha anymore because she is the one true heir to an immortal dynasty.

Jerome is talking to the crowd at Paisley Square about parents having their favourites. Jeremiah looks at him side ways because he knows what Jerome is referring to. Jerome describes Jeremiah as Mr Perfect because he did his homework, tided his room and never attempted to kill anyone, then got adopted by rich people went to the top school and college. While Jerome got dragged through the circus by his mother and forced to clean up elephant dung. In another unique moment Jerome asks “the crowd do you know how big they are?” Jerome knows something that Jeremiah’s new mommy and daddy never knew he is as crazy Jerome, because it’s in his DNA. Jeremiah looks nervous as Jerome stands in front of him and shows him a flick knife. Jerome cuts his wrist straps and tells Jeremiah that they are practically identical the killer is in him. Jerome hands Jeremiah the knife and tells him to take his best shot, Jeremiah decides to but Jerome punches him in the face and he falls to the ground.

Harvey is back with information on the chemicals that is on their way. Jim orders Harvey to go up to the rooftops where Jeromes men are and take out as many as they can. Jim realises why Jerome has been stalling, he wants a bigger crowd to gather so Jerome can release the laughing gas on the crowd at Paisley Square. Jim orders an evacuation and tell Luicus its time for him to kill this maniac for good. Harvey and the SWAT team surprise the gun men who killed the snipers by shooting them, this stops Jerome from continually kicking Jeremiah. Jim is at the side of the stage and takes a shot at Jerome which hits his shoulder. Firefly uses her flamethrower to try and catch Jim but he manages to run and avoid it. Bruce manages to get himself free and tackles Firefly, Jerome moves in front of the Mayor and presses a button on the detonator which has been successfully deactivated by Lucius device. Jerome runs as Jim gets up on the stage as someone from the crowd shouts “look up in the sky.” The blimp is arriving above Paisley Square.

Oswald has been tied to a metal frame, he wakes disoriented. Oswald soon realises he is inside the blimp and can see the barrels of laughing gas connected. Oswald is my character of the week, I should probably say Jerome but the lightness and the variety of comedic element he brings to this episode is needed. Oswald in his usual nervous polite manner asks the hypnotised pilot to help him. The pilot refuses as he has to concentrate on positioning the blimp over Paisley Square, the pilot shows Oswald the lever he is going to use to drop the laughing gas. Oswald looks horrified and manages to break free and demands he turns the blimp around. The pilot has a gun and in an aggressive way tells Oswald that he won’t.

The crowd continues to evacuate as the blimp gets closer. Jerome runs down an alley whilst on his cellphone and tells whoever to get into positions, Jim follows him. Harvey radios to Jim to make sure he is seeing the blimp and decides to shoot down the blimp. Jim disagrees as this would risk hitting the chemicals. As Jim follows Jerome up a staircase to the roof, Oswald rings Jim on his cellphone. Oswald is desperate for Jim’s help, he explains that he is inside the blimp with the gas and the pilot has been hypnotised and he really doesn’t know what to do. Jim decides Oswald is going to help him and asks Oswald to steer the blimp over the nearby river. Oswald is lost for words and repeats what Jim has asked of him in a very strained voice as he thinks Jim is out of mind as Oswald doesn’t even drive his own car. Jim explains that if Oswald doesn’t help then hundreds of people will could die or maybe worse. Oswald questions what is worse then death? Jim puts it a different way how could Oswald possibly run an empire with a city full of lunatics. Jim hangs up and Oswald knows he’s right and has a small tantrum.

Jerome is stood on a ledge and comments how beautiful the blimp is. Jim has his gun aimed at Jerome, who speed dials the pilot to let him know he is in position but Jim shoots at his hand and Jerome drops the phone. You can hear the pilot talking and Jerome laughs as it’s too late and shouts “bombs away” Jim fires another bullet into his abdomen and falls backwards off the ledge.

Oswald watches the pilot go to pull the lever to drop the laughing gas and fights the pilot to take his hands away which causes the blimp to tilt forward. The crowd below panic and scream as Oswald continues to fight the pilot and manages to grab the gun and knock him out. Oswald takes hold of the levers to bring the blimp back up and manages to steer the blimp away. So hail Oswald Gotham’s hero and a Penguin that finally flew.

Jim looks over the ledge, Jerome is managing to hang on by hooking his arm over a overflow pipe. Jerome asks Jim if he is going to pull him and arrest him, Jerome asks again what will it be, Jim the law man or the murderer? Jim decides and reaches down for Jeromes hand but Jerome takes it away and calls out Jim for sticking by the rules. Jerome thinks he will outlive Jim because people love him for not giving a damn about the rules. Jim shows Jerome his hand and asks if he is sure that he will outlive Jim as it’s long way down. Jerome is more then a man, he had an idea, a philosophy that he would live long in the shadows, with a job of discontent. Jerome releases his hands from the pipe and falls laughing hysterically and lands dead on top of a car.

Jeromes body lays dead with his extremely wide grin still expressed on his face. Supporters had come to see his body but Jim and Harvey tell them to get back immediately. Jeremiah wipes away a tear and shows genuine sadness for the death of his brother. Bruce meant what he said to Jeremiah about his work being important to the city and Bruce wants Wayne Enterprises to fund his work. Jeremiah says a sincere thank you and makes his own way home.

Meanwhile Oswald is still steering the blimp over the river he calls Jim again on his cellphone. Oswald demands help for getting of the blimp, Jim puts him on hold and asks Harvey how they get a blimp down. Harvey has no idea but he thinks Oswald needs to stay up there and stew for a couple of hours. Jim informs Oswald they will get hold of the stand by pilot and one more thing from Jim “Oswald Cobblepot the city of Gotham thanks you.”

Tabitha is dragged out on to the street by the League of Shadows and they inform her that Ms Keane has a new path to follow and Tabitha is not needed. Tabitha is willing to fight them and asks who wants to go first, she can certainly hold her own but Tabitha is beaten to the floor and left by the league. A man watches sat in his car and when Leila has gone he offers his hand of help to Tabitha. She immediately asks who they are and he explains that they have been watching Tabitha and Barbara who he calls an imposter, for some time. They serve the only one true master Ra’s al Ghul. Tabitha doesn’t understand as Ra’s is dead, the mystery man who must be part of the extended army of The League of Shadows informs her that death is only an illusion and injects Tabby with an instant sleep serum.

Jeramiah is back home and pouring himself a drink, he sees a wrapped box on his desk with a label saying “from Wayne Enterprises” he opens without hesitation. Jeremiah studies the colourful box and the lid flips open and deathly looking clown pops out laughing hysterically and sprays purple laughing gas in the face of Jeremiah. Jeromes voice is recorded inside as he has a message for Jeramiah, did he really think that he could get rid of Jerome so easily. Jeremiah’s facial expressions start to change as Jerome tells him that he is his ultimate revenge. This gas has something extra special added for Jeramiah that will finally set Jeremiah free. Jerome encourages his brother to burn Gotham down. Jeremiah’s appearance is now changed he has his hands in hair as a crazy expression appears with a wide grin. The Joker has finally been born in Gotham…well maybe.

Jerome may be gone but at least we have not lost Cameron Monaghan as an actor in Gotham. He sculpted Jerome brilliantly throughout the seasons and I have a feeling Jerome Valkeska will be talked about in the DC Universe for a long time. It’s a new story arc now for Cameron to share with us and I can’t wait to see what unique twist Gotham does with Jeremiah.

Gotham returns on Thursday 19th April with episode 19 tilted “ To Our Deaths and Beyond” Gordon and Bullock try to figure out who the clever thief is behind the robberies of various bank branches in Gotham. Meanwhile, Barbara is put in danger, forcing Tabitha to recruit help.