In this series of posts i’ll be writing about some of the best and most forgotten fan mad movies on the internet.  Fans are the making of the DCWorld and without them there would be no DC.  The fans often make movies better than the directors do, and some of the videos in this series of posts will prove that…

All DC fans across the world were disapointed with how little Green Lantern had to play in the Justice League movie released in November 2017.

In 2011, ApertureVFX released a fan movie to the internet that is arguably better than the actual Green Lantern movie (I know some might think that’s not hard!).  The fan movie features no Green Lantern suit, but is a great introduction to the Green Lantern, and would be a great ‘origin’ story type movie if extended on a bit more.

Check this out, and share this amongst your friends, it might be the most we see of the Green Lantern for at least a few years to come!