Things start to get crazy with Lobo. Last episode ended with Lobo finding Seg and Adam using his “Shithead” detection device. When he finds them, he shoots at then before they can say anything. Not realizing they are unconscious he introduces himself. He then drags them off and ties them together in chains against a tree. When Seg and Adam awake, Lobo threatens them with their entrails being strangled between the two of them, his bad jokes, and then his realizing he has the wrong people. He is looking for Brainiac to free his planet from his collection.

Back on Krypton, Doomsday has awakened and escaped from his pod. He is found in the Outlands when he attacks two skimmers who are searching for him. When word gets back to Lyta and Zod, she talks him into teaching the new recruits how to fight since they are from the Rankless and untrained.

On Krypton’s moon planet, Wegthor, rebels are taken refuge. Val and Jax are leading the rebellion and start to put their plan into motion to overthrow Zod.

The best scenes in the episode are with Lobo, Adam, and Seg. Actor Emmett Scanlan bring so much humor to the character of Lobo. It is no surprise DC already gave the go ahead to make a spin-off with him as the character. There was also a nice surprise from actor Cameron Cuffe who plays Seg-El. He brought a familiar fighting skill fans might have seen from Henry Cavill in the latest Mission: Impossible film. Our own Paul Edwards tweeted about it with Cameron confirming his inspiration: (The mini clip posted has now had over 45 thousand views on twitter too)

Who knows what the show might bring next. But with only 8 episodes left of season 2, fans can be guaranteed to have some fun. The cast surely did.

Next episode next Wednesday on SYFY.