Adam and Seg are still trapped on the planet of Colu, the home planet of Brainiac in episode 3. And Lobo is still conducting a search and kill mission to find Brainiac. When it is found that Brainiac is inside the head of Seg, Lobo tries to kill him along with Adam. When the three of them get away from Lobo, Brainiac almost takes over Seg. But when Seg overcomes Brainiac, he has found a way to defeat him and get him out of his body. This way Seg and Adam can go back to Krypton Brainiac free when using the Zeta Beam.

Although, Brainiac is still giving Seg nightmares. So, we have not seen the last of the mind games of Brainiac or in hearing Lobo’s bad jokes.

Jayna and Dev reunited at an establishment in the Outlands. Originally it was thought when the Sagitari made a visit to this place, they were in search of Jayna. But Dev is found out to be the traitor and the person whom they are looking for. When they both team up, they take the Sagitari out.

 The Rebellion on Wegthor start to take their advances on the Sagitari who have landed on the moon planet. They have a victory over them, but it is short-lived when they fall into a trap. Majority of the Rebellion are on land when their oxygen is depleted unexpectedly. Others, along with Adam and Kem, are captured by the Sagitari with Lyta leading the army.

Last two lines of Danger Close:

“What the hell is this?”

“The end of the war.”

There are too many good moments in both episodes without giving too much away. In Will To Power, there a many humorous parts between Lobo and Adam Strange that it’s hard to imagine the actors keeping a straight face during their interactions. But there is a lot of fun coming through the screen. It will be interesting to see the spin-off show DC is currently making for Lobo. If they keep the humor shown in Krypton, fans are in for a different kind of DC show.

As far as Danger Close, things between Zod, Lyta, and Seg are getting worse instead of better. Things in Krypton have gotten worse since Seg left Krypton. And his world has been turned upside down more with each hour he has arrived back. The question is how is he going to regain what has been lost?

Next episode July 10th.