It has been a bit of a fun ride during this season of Krypton. But the ride is not over yet. With two episodes to go in season 2, it is still a bumpy ride for the battle over Krypton. Will Seg take down Zod? Or will someone else come in to help?

Reader beware! There are many spoilers in this article. Watch the show if not already!

KRYPTON — “Zods and Monsters” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)


Interesting things have been happening in the last four episodes of the show. And they are interesting in the way they are put in the story and the imagination of the writers.

Two great things happen in last week’s episode, Mercy. These are the “Finally!” moments. Nyssa talks to Seg about changing the baby’s name to belong to the House of El. Baby Cor-Vex has been changed to Jor-El, a name that comes from Val which he says was his father’s. The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son. The other is when Seg wears the infamous “S”, House of El, symbol on his chest for the first time.

KRYPTON — “Light-Years From Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Colin Salmon as General Zod — (Photo by: SYFY)

One very, very interesting thing also happens in Mercy that could be address in the next two episodes. In the episode, there is a moment where Zod is strangling Lyta. It is the same thing Seg saw in the Phantom Zone. Zod even hears Seg yell Lyta’s name and looks back in the same way when Seg saw them in the Phantom Zone. Only Zod doesn’t see Seg. Can the Phantom Zone time travel? Or was Seg seeing what it wanted him to see?

Doomsday is given a backstory to how he was created by the House of Zod and El. He was a volunteer Kryptonian soldier “1,000 cycles” ago who thought it was his duty to stop the civil war which was currently happening on Krypton. These experiments the scientists performed was to make the soldier a superhero and save Krypton. When the solider would die from the experiments, they would resurrect him. At the 1ooth trail and fail, the scientist from the House of Zod tried to stop the other scientist from continuing. But she talked him into staying with the experiment for the sake of Krypton. After 500 trials, Doomsday was born.  And in the present day, Zod is trying to control him. Using the same parasite he used on Lyta.

There are also some changes to characters that are a bit surprising too. The first is Nyssa. In season one, she is a person no one wants to mess with. But since she has been told the truth about her clone self, finding her father lied to her, and then became a mother, she has changed dramatically. She has grown a conscious and puts others than herself before her. She is someone a person would want on her side and whom to hope to get a happy ending.

As season 2 continues, there have been some changes from Lyta that are different from the first season. When this season started, she didn’t seem too broken hearted about Seg not being there. Of course, there were moments when she thought she saw him. But she hadn’t really expressed any anger for what Zod did to his father, Seg. Although, from what has been revealed in the last couple of episodes there is the question of when Zod made the switch from the real Lyta to her clone. So how long was Lyta under the parasite’s control? When he first brought her back to the Military Guild six months ago? Or was it sometime later when Zod thought she was starting to be weak and wouldn’t go with his plan?

Another character change is Val. He tried to stop Jax from killing Lyta, so no one would ever think Val was the kind of person to take a life. Including Seg when he finds out he killed Sagitari soldiers. Even if it was for the sake of saving Krypton and allowing the Resistance to get ahead of Zod. The House of El still doesn’t kill.

But the biggest character change is from Brainiac. Not only does he help Seg with the Reconditioning Machine in making sure his mind wasn’t erased, but two other times as well. What is he up to? What does he have planned?

Brainiac’s Plans

As the battle continues Seg and the others find it’s not easy to get rid of Brainiac. What was the line he told Seg on Colu?: “Did you really think it would be that easy?” Well, he continues to prove that theory throughout the season. When Seg gets back to Kandor, he finds he brought Brainiac with him after all. But he doesn’t find out right away.

It isn’t until Seg watches the video feed in the Reconditioning Room he realizes he is still in him. And then later Brainiac helps Seg when he must take some Sagitari soldiers down after escaping Zod with Dev and Jayna. The last time he saves Seg is when he is in a skimmer with Nyssa and their baby. They are on their way to a bunker outside of Kandor when the plane malfunctions and is about to crash. In a hurried moment, Seg allows him semi-takeover his body to land the plane safely.

When they are safely on the ground and settled, Brainiac tells Seg what he wants. Brainiac wants Seg to take him to his ship. Seg refuses and it’s not long until Brainiac tries to overtake Seg’s mind and body. Seg and Nyssa, along with their baby, make for the Fortress to see if they can extract Brainiac from Seg.

The hologram version of Val is still running the Fortress and scans Seg finding Brainiac has latched to his brainstem. Val cannot perform the task due to not being real. So, the task goes to Nyssa. She performs the surgery without any problem. Brainiac is removed and put onto a device which is plugged into the Fortress. That was a bad move. Why? Brainiac downloads himself into the Fortress taking over hologram Val. But instead of a hologram, Brainiac is real.  He then kidnaps Jor-El, transports him to his ship and goes off planet leaving Kandor where it is. Seg and Nyssa try to find the ship, but they are unable to locate it.

Krypton continues next Wednesday, August 7th on SYFY.