Synopsis: As shocking as it is for most of them to know, the Legends are famous! But they have a new problem — Rasputin. Enter Constantine, who believes he knows the reason for all the “time blips.” Unfortunately, this new threat won’t be easy to take down, but leave it to Constantine to help find a way.

After the events of ‘Crisis…’ still hanging over the Arrowverse, Legends of Tomorrow: Meet the Legends manages to find a balance between sorrow (Sara is grieving Oliver) and the lighter side that on the Legends can bring.  This is very welcome and comes in what is a strong start to Season 5.

The Legends are now stars, thanks to the success of Heyworld (see Season 4 episode 16) people know of their time travelling exploits.  And that’s why we see a documentary style episode as a camera crew follow them around for interviews and the like.  THIS is why the Legends series is such a well-loved show.  Confessions, fighting to be on screen, funny mishaps ahoy as we see what sets this show apart from all other superhero shows.

But, as I said earlier, this is balanced out really well as we Sara dealing with the loss of Oliver, one of her oldest and dearest friends.  Even though their interactions had become sparse, during the course of the ‘Crisis’ crossover we were reminded just how much they meant to each other and that makes the scenes in this episode all the more heart-breaking.

New Boy…

New character Behrad looks to share a heart-warming friendship with Sara already and that is quite clearly welcome during this episode.  He seems to know what Sara needs at such a time as this, while Ava misses it entirely at first.  Behrad may well turn out a welcome addition to the team despite fans of the show, including myself, missing the wonderful Zari.  I think the show needs to explore what happened to her after Season 4; is she alive after the events of ‘Crisis’, new timelines and the like.  Here’s hoping, although the clues were here for all to see.

A new spot has appeared in the team after this episode; who will take that over is something that we will no doubt see in the fullness of time.  Obviously, we have another 2 spots opening up very soon as everyone will be aware that Ray and Nora are to leave the show (gutted).  The question is what about the Atom.  My thoughts are that we could see Ryan Choi join the team after his introduction in the ‘Crisis’ crossover. 

And let’s not forget John Constantine, exorcising his way with a new assistant (not that it lasted very long).  JC makes his way back to hell, wanting to deal with the choices that Astra has made in reviving souls of a villainous nature.  First up was Rasputin and it looks as if we will get a ‘historical figure of the week’ going forward.  Sounds like fun.

Like I said, Legends of Tomorrow: Meet the Legends is a really good episode to open this season.  It perfectly balances the fun with the emotional; only Legends of Tomorrow can do this.  Roll on next week.

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