Review by John Hammond

Writer: Ray Utarnachitt / Director: David Geddes

Minor spoilers possible…

Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me is, as always, a fun Legends of Tomorrow episode.  As we have come to learn, Astra will is unleashing all manner of ‘Encores’ from the murky depths of hell.  No exception here where we find she has let free Bugsy Malone.  Let back in to the world for the Legends to deal with.

About Astra, she seems to be enjoying running the rule over hell; certainly getting as much joy as she can from make John Constantine’s life as difficult as possible.  But JC being JC, can’t help not giving up on this seasons antagonist.  To be fair this is a good thing, it says a lot about Constantine’s character that he puts his all in to this and Matt Ryan, as I said many times last season, is perfect as the character.

Back to Bugsy and the Legends do their bit to ensure that he is sent back to hell, and they have fun on the way.  Well, some members of the team anyway; John (not surprisingly) is involved with Bugsy’s girlfriend Jeannie, which doesn’t end well and Ray has a run in with a corrupt copper, of which I am sure there were many during this time period.

Belting Out The Hits

Sara, Ava and Mick do have their fun with this plot though, Ava in particular takes centre stage, quite literally.  Causing a drunken distraction we see Ava taking up a bit of singing in the Blue Iguana (I won’t tell you she gets on as I’d rather not spoil it).  Sara is ever-charming to ensure Bugsy is taken in and Mick, well he’s Mick and I love that.

Nate and Behrad, (loving the bromance) pay a vist to Behrad’s stomping ground for his birthday.  Here we meet up with the Influencer version of Zari (yes, the lovely Tala Ashe is back) who pieces information together regarding her brother and his professor being at Heyworld back in 1996 before being taken to the Waverider.

Like I said at the beginning of the review, Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me is another fun episode of Legends of Tomorrow.  To be fair I don’t think there are many times I have said otherwise.

Few points to bring up:

I read that some people have an issue with Ava being ‘angsty’.  Personally I see no issue with it whatsoever as it brings a lot to her character.  Without the Time Bureau she is trying to figure out her place on the Waverider.  Ok, so I hope they don’t dwell on it for too long but at the moment it is fitting and Jes Macallan is excellent.

The new version of Zari looks like she’s going to be fun but I have no doubt that it won’t be long before her memories come flooding back.  I do hope this is the case as we’ve already had something similar with Charlie.

Speaking of Charlie, she is obviously still away jollying it up as she was absent along with Nora and Gary; Nora is obviously gone as well.  It’s a shame some characters get put to one side for some episodes, but hey ho, looks like they’re back next week.

Well, that’s it.  Please let us know your thoughts on the episode here or on our socials.

Cheers, John