Pennyworth is turning out to be a great television show. It’s definitely gets weird, with even more twists and turns. Bruno Heller has yet again written this episode and the great Bill Eagles is back directing. The titles of all the episodes so far don’t seem to have a connection to their titles and make it even more curious why they are named as they are, especially as Cilla Black isn’t mentioned in this episode. Any thoughts please forward them on a postcard.

An iconic actress makes a guest appearance Felicity Kendal. Being a huge fan of the 70’s show “The Good Life” it was a pleasure to see Felicity play an usual mystical character that possibly could give Alfred information he needs.

A news report on the television reports the death of Julian Thwaite and the ongoing riots. The Sykes Sisters, The Spicers and Lord James Harwood (Jason Flemyng]sit and watch. Seeing the Prime Minister makes Harwood remembers that he was tortured by him and because of him Harwood’s life is in ruins. James memory is nearly back to normal but one for sure he wants the Prime Minister dead.

You ask a lot of questions Mr Wayne…

At The Severed Arms pub even Sid the Landlord (Simon Day) is ranting about the riots to Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) and Dave Boy. Sid notices Dave Boy is a bit under the weather, Dave Boy shrugs if off. Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) enters the pub to Alfreds annoyance. Because Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) failed in killing Mr Thwaite, Thomas is curious to know who the masked stranger who did do it, is. Dave Boy claims to not know as Thomas looks to a very quiet Alfred. His bosses need answers. Thomas explains his theory that since Alfred and John Ripper (Danny Webb) had been close of lately, Ripper asked Alfred to kill Mr Thwaite. Thomas is close to the truth but still needs to put pieces together. The only thing Thomas has not considered that Alfred’s motivation is the murder of Esme. With some light threats between Alfred and Thomas, Thomas decides to leave.

Sandra (Harriet Slater) the Landlord daughter receives a cold shoulder from Alfred after she asks him and Dave Boy if they need anything. To be fair to Alfred he is in deep thought and doesn’t acknowledge Sandra. Dave Boy questions Alfred about this, then he realises what he did.

Answers He Seeks

John Ripper is in his morgue and he is cooking in the ovens which possibly the bodies are cremated. Alfred has arrived as he reminds Ripper that he did a job for him in return for the name of Esme’s killer. Ripper advises Alfred to visit Baroness Ortsey (Felicity Kendal) at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital as she has the answer that Alfred seeks.

The receptionist at the hospital listens as Alfred asks to speak to Ortsey. Alfred is told he will be sent an application form in the post to fill out, when Alfred mentions he was sent by John Ripper he is immediately escorted to Ortsey. She lives in a nice furnished glass cell, with a longhair cat as a companion. Ortsey immediately tells Alfred she is a witch and Alfred doesn’t hide his doubt and cynicism. Ortsey does come over a little weird, Alfred decides to leave but Ortsey asks him about the other woman. Alfred knows this is a reference to Martha Kane who he shared a kiss with the night Esme was murdered. Now Alfred isn’t cynical and tells Ortsey to carry on but she decides not to as Alfred doesn’t believe in her. Alfred needs to bring Ortsey a red rose and a left hand of a murderer during a full moon, then Alfred will get the answers he needs. Alfred is angry and leaves but Ortsey says quietly to herself “he will be back.”

At the American Embassy Thomas is talking to the CIA chief (Bruce Lester-Johnson), as expected he wants an explanation of the what went wrong at the attempted assassination of Frances Gaunt (Anna Chancellor). Thomas feels that there was information he should of had before making the kill. Thomas has a lot of theories and believes Undine had her husband killed and the American government were involved. The chief confirms that the Americans have someone close to Undine, in which Thomas assumes John Ripper. The chief can not confirm or deny this claim. With the American congressional elections coming up and the government needs six months of peace in Europe. Another meeting will be organised between Undine Thwaite and France Gaunt to offer a truce. The chief explains that if the truce works then no blood will be shed, but if Gaunt declines then Thomas will have to kill her personally.

Alfred is not happy with John Ripper as he feels he was tricked by him. Alfred’s rants how he doesn’t believe in witches, Ripper calmly asks Alfred to give Ortsey a chance. Alfred is so disappointed in Ripper as he believes he was tricked by him to kill Julian Thwaite. Ripper doesn’t say anymore as he walks away and leaves Alfred alone.

Alfred is having dinner with his parents and they are glad he is finally out and about, but they have noticed he’s been angry. Mr and Mrs Pennyworth don’t blame him for being angry certainly after everything he has been through, but there is concern that Alfred has been in the company of John Ripper. Mr Pennyworth considers Ripper a bad influence. Alfred assures his father he is aware of this and he is done with Ripper. In a huge gesture from Mr Pennyworth he grabs Alfred’s hand and reminds him that he has a family to look after him. It’s a lovely heartfelt scene between father and son. With another apology from Alfred he promises to put the past behind him and get his job started again.


After receiving a telephone call at home Thomas Wayne, answers he is on his way and loads a gun. A piece of paper is also burnt which could mean it was confidential. Loud violent knocks are at his door and Thomas looks through his peephole, and he sees his sister Patrica. Unsurprisingly she is drunk and pesters Thomas for some money, in which he doesn’t want to give her any. To stop Patrica buying more drugs and because Thomas is running late for a meeting he takes her to Martha Kane’s house.

Martha hesitantly agrees to keep an eye on Patrica for a few hours. As soon as Thomas leaves it’s quickly clear that Martha and Patrica like each other. Patrica goes through her clutch bag and finds a party invitation and asks Martha if she is interested.

The scenes flip nicely between Martha and Patricia at the party and Thomas meeting up with Undine. Undine asks Thomas if he is up to the task of killing Gaunt? In which he is.

Martha and Patrica arrive at the party all dressed up. Martha is uncertain about the party as Patrica tells her that the host, Aleistar Crowley is a Satanist. She convinces Martha that everything will be fine. They meet Aleistar who takes an instant dislike to Martha after he tries to kiss her but she refuses. Patrica wants to mingle like a true party girl and leaves Martha alone.

Aleistar Crowley is curious why Martha isn’t dancing? It’s not something Martha likes to do. Crowley tells her the way of the Satanist and he believes in love. Martha thinks Crowley is putting on this act to seduce women, but he calls her accusation a claim that’s it’s actually Martha trying to seduce him. Broken women are Crowley weakness as it’s easy to make them feel whole again before he breaks them again. This makes Martha clearly uncomfortable and affects her expression.

The meeting with Frances Gaunt takes place with Undine Thwaite and Thomas Wayne. Gaunt brings her own security and she assures that The Raven Society had nothing to do with Julian Thwaites death. Undine doesn’t believe Gaunt, which is a nice twist as she knows who did kill her husband. Gaunt senses that Undine offering a truce in which she confirms she is, as she believes two woman can work together. The first thing Gaunt asks of Undine is to order the thugs of the street, and she will do the same. A statement is released to the media before a deal is finalised. A hug between Undine and Frances makes Thomas confident he doesn’t have to kill Gaunt.

The party at Aleistar Crowley’s is getting weirder for Martha, she finds solace in the bathroom to cool off. When Patrica walks in she has been crying and makes the decision to leave. Crowley notices them leaving. Martha opens a door which reads exit but somehow manages to send them both back into another room which has men dressed in pig masks and very unusual ladies surround her. Patrica has vanished and Crowley is staring at Martha which puts in her a panic and tries and attempts to leave the party again. Martha ends up back in the room and now everyone is staring at her. Martha walks back through the room a very tall man wearing a goats head with six eyes which blink has Martha staring back at him.

Back In The Club

Alfred is back working at his old nightclub. Bazza is there and they are discussing the customers as Bazza watches a table of noisy individuals. Alfred is looking for a fight as he admits to Bazza that he hopes the group of people will cause trouble. Bazza manages to calm Alfred as Thomas arrives looking shaky. Patrica and Martha have been missing for two days. Alfred bluntly tells Thomas he can’t help him which annoys Thomas. With a confession to Alfred from Thomas that he is a spy and can be trusted he leaves the club.

The noisy table refuse to pay their bill, which gives Alfred an opportunity to approach the table. Alfred kicks the man out and beats him up, but he produces a machete and attacks Alfred. The man is stopped and Alfred picks up the machete and cuts the man left hand off. I wonder what Alfred will do with his left hand?

Alfred sits outside the club with the left hand on the ground next to a red rose. They lay in a puddle of water which reflects a full moon. Alfred apologies to Bazza and Dave Boy for his recent behaviour.

Tell Me Your Dreams

Ortsey is given the items she asked for by Alfred. He makes some tea and Ortsey asks for his hand. She wants to know his dreams and makes clear that she means sleep dreams as Alfred admits he dreamt of marrying Esme. Alfred doesn’t remember full dreams only bits and pieces. Still holding Ortsey hand Alfred is now in the middle of the jungle, wearing his suit and inundated with mortar fire. I am not a huge fan of flashbacks and dream sequences but I have to say they are done extremely well on Pennyworth. Alfred now opens a door and is in Ortsey’s cell but his mother is there. They are drinking tea together and Ortsey asks Alfred to leave. Alfred is at the nightclub with Bazza and Dave Boy who tell Alfred that Ortsey wasn’t a witch. Spanish makes another appearance but behind the bar he points to a stage behind Alfred, where Sandra is singing. Alfred is quickly back in the jungle at a funeral, in front of him is a young version of his captain. Back in the cell with Ortsey, she tells Alfred he fell asleep. Alfred is suspicious that there was something in the tea to induce the dream he just had. Alfred asks Ortsey if the captain killed Esme? She asks him to leave and Alfred sees a group of woman outside her cell.

Mrs Pennyworth was worried where Alfred has been as she hugs him she notices his body temperature is very cold. Being a very observant mother she notices a small scratch on Alfred’s wrist, in which he doesn’t know where he got that from. Alfred goes to the bathroom as he removes his shirt he notices he has several scratch marks across his body.

Returning To The South

An episode of Pennyworth is always worth a watch when the Sykes sisters are on screen. Bet is helping James Harwood get dressed up as he plans to make his way back down south. Revenge is his plan upon the Prime Minister. Bet is concerned as his full strength has not returned, but he shows a great deal of passion and determination. Harwood humbly thanks Peggy for her kindness, he would like Bet and Peggy to join him on his trip to London. James wants their support, Bet is definitely keen and accepts even though Peggy isn’t so keen.

Supposedly Alfred’s Captain is Esme’s murderer. Alfred discusses this with Bazza and Dave Boy as he remembers that he embarrassed his captain in front of his soldiers during Spanish’s funeral. Bazza thinks this is doubtful but he does remember his name, Captain Curzon.

Alfred promises not to shed any blood when they arrive at Curzon’s place. Alfred after all doesn’t have any proof. As he approaches the front door there is a letter addressed to Alfred pinned to the door. The letter reads that Alfred is too late and he is glad Alfred knows the truth. I smell a red herring!

So what happened to Martha? She wakes up naked in the middle of a field. By the way Martha looks around she doesn’t know where she is even though there are factories in the distance.


With four episodes left we are moving along nicely with the characters and the story. James Harwood’s story looks like it’s going in a interesting direction. Looking forward to seeing what episode 7 “Julie Christie” will bring us.