Show Me The Money

Alfred makes a visit to Thomas Wayne. He knows from previous conversations Thomas can get him to America. But it’s going to cost him: $5,000 a ticket. And as luck would have it, Alfred is still a bit short. Thomas offers to give him a loan. Alfred quickly declines saying he doesn’t want to owe anything to the CIA. He’ll get the money by any means necessary. Even by working for Gulliver Troy again.

Troy makes a plan to rob a wrestling match at the nearest arena. They think they have twenty minutes to empty the safe in the basement while the match happens above them. But the match ends abruptly with Alfred, Dave Boy, and Troy still in the basement barely into the safe. 

After ignited a bomb and getting the money out of the safe, they start to head out. But as they leave one of Troy’s men commits murder. This puts the group in danger to be found as one of the men is unmasked.

The next day, Alfred returns home. Mrs. Pennyworth confronts him showing him the morning paper. On the front page of the newspaper is about the murder at the area. She asks him if he was involved. He lies and tells her no. But the look in Alfred eyes confirms to her that he was. Disgraced and heartbroken she kicks him out of the house.

Will Alfred leave America without Mrs. Pennyworth? Will they make amends before he leaves?