Reunions and Forgiveness

There is less than 24 hours before Stormcloud is released. To stop it from happening, Thomas wants to steal it. And the only way way is to use Lucius to gain access to the Fortress and quickly get in and out. But there is always a chance of getting caught when walking into the Lion’s Den.

Alfred is scared he is not going to make it out and goes to Sandra’s house for comfort (and other things). After a little fight and reconciliation, he is invited in for the night. But that isn’t the only reunion Alfred has. At the Fortress he finds himself face-to-face with should-have-been-dead Mr. P.

Another reunion is with Frances. Bet and Peggy make a date with Salt with the help of his kidnapped girlfriend. They are able to get inside the Fortress to bail out Frances. And they also run into Alfred, Lucius, Dave Boy, and Thomas on their way out.