Thanks to the wonderful people at Insight Editions we were given a copy of the Power Rangers : The Ultimate Visual History to review. I don’t want to give anything away, but i’ll show you a little of what’s inside this amazing piece of art. There won’t be any spoilers or anything about the interesting facts in this post, the whole point is to make you go out and get a hold of this beautiful piece of history for the Power Rangers, and i’m sure after you get a taste for it – you’ll be itching for a copy of it.

The book was created by a combination of a foreword from Amy Jo-Johnson (Pink Ranger – Mighty Morphin’ era) and by the writers Jody Revenson and Ramin Zahed.

The book details the history of the characters of the Power Rangers, the comics and the villains too. There’s also many-a-place for Megazord goodness and there are some fantastic details that you will learn as you go on the journey of reading this book that even dedicated Rangers fans won’t know about.

One thing I did love about this book was the attention to detail. The way that the characters show through the lightning bolt on the front cover is just one of many ways this book shows the real finite detail of the Power Rangers.

Included in this intricate detail there are many drawings and concepts of characters and zords. Below is a drawing from the book that just shows how much planning goes into creating the shows that you have grown to love.

Personally, the era of Power Rangers that I grew up with was the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in the 90’s. What most 90’s kids would call the Real Power Rangers. There’s plenty on that era in this back to take you back on an immersive time lapse to when you were a child.

There’s a lovely little leaflet in the book about licensing and a lot of this details the boom of the toys, many of which i’ve still got stored in my parents loft. It’s a great insight to learn more about the toys that you grew up with as a child.

The book details every rangers era from the 90’s to present day, and one era that many will be aware of is the 2017 Power Rangers movie. This movie was an exciting film for me, and although not perfect would still easily just be in my top 10 because of that part where the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers music plays as the Zords rise – epic right?

You can learn more about the movie, design of the characters, why things were done the way they were and more in this visual history of the Power Rangers.

No matter what era of Power Rangers you are in love with, or if you have a passion for the whole of the Power Rangers universe, there’s something in this book to fascinate and amaze you. The little pullouts and designs are a lovely touch and make it feel that bit more of a collectors item. There’s also a great poster at the back of the book showing Power Rangers from every era.

You can purchase the book from Insight Editions. I sincerely recommend that if you are a Power Rangers fan, that you do.