Superman Red Son has been on my list of graphic novels to read, for about a year. Thankfully I did get around to reading it about a month ago, before I got the chance to see the new animated film. Undoubtedly the book is brilliant and I have to admit I am very impressed with the adaptation to screen. The elseworlds stories are some of my favourites in how well known characters are twisted and put in different situations.

Sam Liu is back in the directing chair and J.M.DeMatteis is also back writing the screenplay. Red Son is a very detailed story and certainly what comes to mind is “how will they get everything in to 180 minutes?” Well I think they have created a stand out, stand alone film which differs slightly to the comic. 

The story flowed beautifully from start to finish, that I needed to go back and read the comic again, just to confirm to myself what changes have been made. With this review being spoiler free there is one big significant change but it is poignant and I think it worked really well. 

One of the important parts of any film for me personally is the musical orchestrated score. Red Son is safe in the musical hands of Emmy award winning Frederik Wiedmann. His composition enhances perfectly moments of emotion and action. 


Like a lot of the recent DC animated films, Red Son has an impressive cast. Jason Isaacs playing the hero makes a nice change as his usual role as a villain. Isaacs, Russian accent is perfect in the pronunciation.
‘Lois Lane (Amy Acker) and Lex Luthor (Diedrich Bader) as a married couple is a surprising good stand out part of the film. Lois is even more career driven I feel then we have seen her before, but head over heels in love with Lex even though he forgets their wedding anniversary. Lex is familiar in his own domination but we do get to see other sides to this character. 
The other relationship I have enjoyed going along aside of Superman in many different films and books is Wonder Woman (Vanessa Marshall). Again she is a voice of hope, strength and determination. The comic elements with the Green Lanterns, which I liked in the comic are definitely there on screen. 


Another great animated Superman film, with engaging action sequences and meaningful speeches. I would highly recommend you watch this even if you are not familiar with the comic series. If Superman Red Son is one of your favourite Superman stories, then I think you will be surprised by the changes in the story but hopefully see the poignant reasons why. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Sam Liu and J.M. DeMatteis future projects. 






Sam Liu is a Chinese American director, storyboard artist and character designer popularly known for directing animated superhero films. Liu has directed most DCAMU films, a series of animated superhero films produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment featuring legends including Superman and Batman.
To celebrate the release of Liu’s latest DC animation direction, Superman: Red Son, we’re providing a roundup of the best DCAMU films he’s directed to date.

All Star Superman
Released in 2011, All Star Superman stars James Denton as the voice of Clark Kent and Christina Hendricks as the voice of Lois Lane.
The film follows Superman after he is overdosed with solar radiation while saving the crew of the first manned mission to The Sun. The radiation is slowly killing him, so he plans to spend the rest of his time alive fulfilling his lifelong dreams. However, Lex Luthor has other plans…
When Lex Luthor reveals his latest plot to control the world, Superman must use all the strength he has left to stop him.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Released in 2017, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract stars Stuart Allan as the voice of Robin and Jake T. Austin as Blue Beetle.
Teen Titans Beast Boy, Raven, Blue Beetle, Robin and newly-returned Nightwing are a team led by Starfire, fighting the never-ending battle against evil. Their newest team member, Terra, is mysterious and powerful. Terra threatens to alter the usually cohesive dynamic of the group.
However, the ancient evil Brother Blood has awakened and familiar foe Deathstroke is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce. Ultimately, the Teen Titans will need to battle their enemies as well as their own team doubts to come together and overcome the malicious forces around them in this twisting tale of intrigue, adventure and deception.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines



Released in 2019, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines stars Rosario Dawson as the voice of Wonder Woman. This film was directed by Sam Liu in conjunction with Justin Copeland.
In this epic instalment, renowned Justice League member Wonder Woman makes it her mission to help a troubled young girl, Vanessa, who has fallen in with a deadly organization known as Villainy Inc. headed by Dr. Cyber.
Villainy criminal members plan on invading Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s paradise home. Equally strong in body, heart and will, Wonder Woman faces an epic battle to keep Themyscira safe.

Superman: Red Son

Released on Digital Download February 25, and on Blu-Ray and DVD in March this year (2020), Superman: Red Son stars Golden Globe-nominated Jason Isaacs as the voice of Kal-El.
Based on DC’s famed Elseworlds tale from 2003, Superman: Red Son is the highly anticipated new entry in the DCAMU. This film takes place in an alternate reality where the spaceship bearing the last survivor of Krypton crash lands – not in rural Kansas, but in Stalinist Russia.
Can this Cold War-era Earth survive the coming of a Soviet Superman?

Superman: Red Son is available on Digital Download now, and Blu-rayTM & DVD on March 16.