Last week’s episode was gamechanger. And with the season being shortened this year, it will be interesting to see where the storyline goes. Will Eva get out and take her revenge on Carver? Will Barry finally see Iris is not Iris? Will a speed force be made before Season 7? Only time will tell.

Rag Doll was back in a more CG way than (at least I can) remembered. But still creepy. He is after Joe when Black Hole, revealed to be led by Joseph Carver, hires him to take Joe out. Three attempts are put on Joe’s life. After he avoids a car accident, hit by a bullet, and stops a bomb he was sitting on with 5 seconds left on the clock, Joe finally decides it is best to go into witness protective services. But the only person who knows where Joe could be works for Eva. So, he is not out of the woods yet. But at least he is away from Black Hole’s sight.

Eva is after Carver for putting her into the mirror. It is revealed that had a conflict of interests in what was best for the world. But she is also protecting her husband. She is doing that because she wants to be the only one to take her revenge on him and no one else.

Sue Dearbon is also back in this episode. And it is revealed she has a connection with Carver as well. Her plan is to take her revenge on him after finding out he is blackmailing her parents. A team up with Ralph and the rest of The Flash team?? Hmmm…. Maybe?

At the end of the episode is where things took a big turn. If the internet hasn’t told you already about Barry and Iris, just go straight to the trailer for episode 17. This is where Barry should have known Iris isn’t Iris. Big time.

Iris gets upset cause she thinks Barry is making all the decisions without consulting her. She wants to know where her father went with the witness protective services and demands Barry to take her to him. When Barry says he can’t, she says a below the belt blow “Now we have something else in common. We both lost our parents.” Then kicks him out of the apartment.  

Iris was given a job at the beginning of the episode from Eva: drain Barry’s powers. Not only did he use them trying to save Joe twice, he continued to use his powers during their fight and as he was walking away from his apartment door sad and confused. With him trying to figure out what he did wrong and how to get things back to where they were, will it use the rest of his powers? Will a speed force be made in time to defeat Black Hole?

Check out the trailer for episode 17: Liberation. (Finally!! Seriously!!)