Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth

Pennyworth is back!

It has been a year since Lord Harwood and the Raven Society tried to take over London with the help of Alfred’s father who set off a bomb during the Queen’s celebration. When Alfred tried to stop his father by trying to talk him out of it, but he set it off as Alfred shot him. When he shot his father and grabbed the Queen instead and got her out as the bomb exploded.

Jason Flemyng as Lord Harwood

As the year passes, London has developed its own league called the English League with the Queen as its leader and Archbishop second. The Raven Society, now called the Raven Union, occupies 90% of the island. The No Name League is still in assistance with the Queen and her followers. But they tend to have trouble meeting eye to eye.

Alfred has become an owner of his own nightclub in London. But he’s not doing it for the long haul. He’s doing it for the money. With his security business and nightclub together he is saving up to move to America.

Edward Hogg as Colonel Salt

His last job is for Martha and Inspector Aziz. They ask him to kidnap a man in Raven Union territory. He names his pricey price and Inspector Aziz agrees. The man is captured and handed over to Aziz. But as Aziz takes him in for questioning he is kidnapped again. This time by an acquaintance of Alfred who gives him half the share. So Alfred gets paid twice. Which side is Alfred on? Does he care or just thinking of himself? If he knew the man he kidnapped was working on a biochemical for Lord Harwood would he had done things differently?