It seems it is every person for their own. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And even those whom you think you know….keep your guard up. 

Mrs. P

The battle for London in underway. Near the Pennyworth household a missile leaves part of the neighborhood in ruins. Mrs. Pennyworth is walking home when she sees a little girl has been injured in the crossfire. She brings the girl into her house and tends to her injuries. After it is all over, the girl gone, and she is cleaning her couch does she feel purpose to stay in London after Mr. Pennyworth’s death.



Martha finds out a lot of information. She first finds out that Alfred let Salt go after the abduction. Then she finds out from Alfred that Thomas met with The Devil, Aleister Crowley. Which then she later puts the puzzle together that Thomas hired him to kill the Prime Minister.

It seems nothing can get past Martha.


Alfred goes in search of the ransom money he used for his mother’s abduction. He has a pretty good idea that it may be his old Captain, Gulliver Troy. He deduces it because of the re-abduction of Salt and the money was split between him and Alfred. Making him the only person to know is fortunes. 

When he finds Troy, he asks him if he took the money. He says he didn’t take the money but he did take his mom. The news about his mother doesn’t surprise him. But the fact he doesn’t have the money puts him back at square one in figuring out how to get his money back.

Then a clue comes around. A ring, which was being pawned earlier in the club, is seen being worn by the bartender. Alfred, Bazza, and Dave Boy question the waitress in wanting to know who gave her the ring. She describes the man and Dave Boy remembers bragging about his fortunes to him while drunk.

When they finally find the man who took the money, it is quickly gone again. But this time it’s gone for good as it blows up in an explosion.

And Alfred is stuck in trying to find money to get to America again.