Keeping A Promise

During Bazza’s funeral, Troy makes an appearance. He offers Alfred a job. Although he doesn’t want to, he accepts. It is a robbery job. During the job he has flashbacks to Bazza’s death. He snaps out of it, but he goes almost too far when interrogating the person who they were robbing. 

Back at the club, Alfred, Dave Boy, Troy, and his men and wife Melanie are celebrating their reward of new wealth. Alfred declares to Troy he is done working for him. But Troy is not so fast to loose him telling Alfred he needs his expertise. Alfred says he would think about it to get him to leave.

Now that Alfred has the money to get to America, will he get back at Troy for abducting his mom before he leaves?

Katie and Bet, Bet and Katie

Bet and her hostage, Katie, escape the gunned down house of Katie’s friend. They make it into London in the back of a truck. In trying to find Peg, Katie makes no attempt to escape. She even goes after Bet when they separate. Katie is eerie of her, but seems to not want to leave Bet’s side. 

Is Katie really working for someone afterall? Or does she really want to be friends with Bet?


Lord Harwood thought he would be parading down the streets of London by now. But the Queen’s forces continue to keep him out. And with Detective Aziz now named Prime Minister, it may be even more of a heavy fight.

Stormcloud, a biochemical weapon, is demonstrated to Lord Harwood and his high officers along with some of the Raven Union scientists. One of the scientists is a spy named Lucius Fox.