This season of The Flash starts right where it left off. Literally. The first three episodes will be the episodes in which were supposed to end Season 6. “We’ll be picking up with what should have been the final three episodes of Season 6,” Grant Gustin posted on his Instagram account. “Two of which had been almost entirely completed since last March.”

Here is a video of the final scene from last season, episode 19 Success Is Assured:

Season 7 Episode 1:

The Flash

Barry is continuing to loose his powers and doesn’t have much time before he loses them completely. To reserve his powers, he is put into a cryotube. Chester wakes him when Mirror Master is found. When Barry wakes he finds he only has 1% left. Although the odds are against him, he still goes after to try and capture her.


Eva’s hold on Iris is continuing to grow stronger as time passes. And it is unclear how long Iris’s mind can hold as Eva plays her tricks. Showing her things that seem to be real at first, but then Iris is quick to realize she hasn’t made it out of her prison yet. But she is smarter than Eva thinks as she might have found a way to communicate with the outside world.

Artificial Speedforce

Nash and Chester are in charge of making the artificial speedforce machine to work. When Nash can’t figure out how to get the machine to work, every Harrison Wells doppelganger from the multiverse shows up to help. They each pass him news he doesn’t want to hear.

Allegra is asked by Nash to try to transfer the Wells particles out of him to the machine by using her airwave powers. It starts to work, but then backfires into Barry who is standing nearby. Now Allegra, Chester, and Nash have to get them out of Barry before his powers run out or he will die. 

The next episode is this Tuesday, March 9th: