Supergirl Season 4 Episode 20 ‘Will the real miss Tessmacher please stand up’

Story by: Derek Simon Written by: Katie Rose Rogers & Natalie Abrams

Directed by: Shannon Kholi

Starring: Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Katie Mcgrath, Sam Witwer, David Harewood, Jesse Wrath, Nicole Maines, April Parker Jones

Official synopsis Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex; Eve Tessmacher sets a trap that could ultimately reveal that Kara is Supergirl; Alex gets a long-awaited phone call; James practices using his powers; Ben Lockwood takes a dangerous stand inside the DEO.”

The hunt for Lex continued this week with Kara and Lena once again teaming up. The pairing of Kara’s wear your heart on your sleeve with the contrast of Lena’s cold, lock your emotions in a box persona always makes great viewing. They are like the Ying and Yang or chalk and cheese to each other and it works really well on screen. Katie Mcgrath once again demonstrating why she shouldn’t be left on the sidelines.


The second stand out performer this week was the second lady in Kara’s life, her sister Alex played by Chyler Leigh. This was a different type of performance we are used to seeing from the ass kicking DEO agent. Out of the blue Alex gets news about her adoption case she applied for over a year ago. This takes Alex on an incredibly emotional journey from fear all the way through to acceptance.

This news gave Alex time to bond further with Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai). A relationship i’m sure we will see blossom over the next season. The on screen chemistry between the two of them can’t help but make the audience believe it won’t be long before they are more than friends.



Still coming to terms with his new powers, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) is training at the Fortress of Solitude with Brainy and Dreamer. This gave us the funniest moment to the episode with Dreamer getting a little carried away. Humour and laughs are what have been missing from the recent weeks of Supergirl. With the difficult, political position National City is in right now it’s difficult to find the time to have fun. Seeing this exchange between James, Brainy and Dreamer was a nice change of pace.

Some extreme events have now led to James having his first super adversary in Ben Lockwood. This is a story line I am very keen to see develop. Sam Witwer who plays Ben Lockwood, once again giving a strong, determined and boarder line crazy performance.


The episodes titular character Eve Tessmacher (Andrea Brooks) finally makes and appearance as Lena and Kara touch down in Kaznia. What an entrance this was as well. Equipt with some Lex tech, this episode had a real multiplicity vibe to it. Eve has the ability to duplicate which created a fight sequence with Supergirl never before seen on the show. Supergirl did not take all glory here though. A very James Bond moment with Lena gave her the opportunity to show she isnt just brains. I have to say this was a fantastic scene for the episode and a liberating moment for Lena. Demonstrating she was able to save the day (with a little help from Supergirl) she shares a heartwarming moment with Kara. It was this moment that I though Kara was finally going to tell her best friend she was secretly Supergirl.


Kaznian Supergirl did not make an appearance this week in person but her secret is well and truly out of the bag now. Kara and Lena use their keen detective skills to uncover Lex’s plans and the truth behind the White House attack in All About Eve. Armed with this information Kara goes straight to the Oval Office to try and clear Supergirl’s name. It was here that we got a genuine cliffhanger at the end and I can not wait to see what happens next week.