Supergirl Season 4 Episode 22 “The Quest For Peace”

Story by: Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller Teleplay by: Rob Wright & Derek Simon

Directed by: Jesse Warn

Starring: Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Katie Mcgrath, Sam Witwer, David Harewood, Jesse Wrath, Nicole Maines, April Parker Jones

Official synopsis: Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, D.C., and summons Lena and Lillian Luthor to the White House; when Supergirl realizes she has one last chance to stop Lex, she turns to the power of the press to help.”

The end is upon us, for this season anyway. A strong final half of the season made A Quest For Peace my most anticipated season finale in all the Arrowverse. Events have been building to this ever since Lex Luthor joined the show back in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Returning to the show in style Lex is the prominent character in this final episode of the season.

quest for peace


Last week during Red Dawn, Lex ended the episode by saving the day from Red Daughters attack on the US. The media instantly dubbed him a hero. This week we learnt Lex’s master plan. As always with such a devious character there are twists and turns along the way.

The stand out moment of the episode for me was seeing Lex save the day in his Lexo suit. This was perfectly executed to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s My Way. An excellent choice of music to accompany someone who only ever does things their way. The crazy and over the top theatrics by Jon Cryer in this sequence was sublime.


Lex managed to worm his way into the White House and there is an emotional reunion with his sister and mother. A great dynamic between Lex and Lena, who doubts everything Lex does and their mother stuck in the middle defending both.

Over the past four seasons the show has cleverly been hinting towards Lena becoming a villain. It’s almost inevitable with the surname Luthor. Time and time again Lena has proved everyone wrong but has time finally come for that to change?

Lex is constantly criticizing and winding Lena up, hoping she will crack and fulfil the mad destiny that Lex thinks is family name has. This time though, Lena might take the bait after Lex drops the biggest reveal to Lena that shocks her to her core. I am sure this will all play a huge part in the story of season five.


The big showdown this week takes place on Shelly island. For those that don’t remember, it’s the Island that was used to house aliens by the military and is surrounded by power dampening towers. Thus, making Supergirl, Dreamer and J’onn powerless.

It’s here we get the most theatrics with Supergirl and Lex going head to head. Enhanced Ben Lockwood clashes with enhanced James Olsen. J’onn, Dreamer, Brainy and Alex are also on hand to fight countless numbers of Lex’s henchmen.

Some wonderful hand to hand combat sequences mixed in with some impressive aerial battles made this a final battle to remember. The Lexo suit demonstrating its power was great. The CGI in how it bonds with Lex was very reminiscent to the Iron Man nanites we have seen in the Marvel movies.


This season for me has been the strongest so far and this episode was a fitting end. As season that got better every week came to a definitive and fulfilling ending. It gave us the closure we needed on certain story lines, but left enough bread crumbs to bring us back for season five.

Manchester Black, Agent Liberty and Lex Luthor have been three of the best villains the show has seen. To have got all three in the same season has been a true joy to watch. The final scenes in this episode gave us a sneak peek towards the upcoming major crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. It also sets up the next major villain to join the show.