Supergirl Season 5 Episode 3 “Blurred Lines”
Written by: Lindsay Sturman & J. Holtham
Directed by: Eric Dean Seaton


It took three episodes but Supergirl is back. The first two episodes felt a little slow and unsure of the direction to head in. This in turn possibly contributed to the flow of Blurred Lines. Love was the theme I picked up this week with a beautiful telling of parallel stories between the main characters.

J’onn’s battle with his brother offers the most interesting arc this week as the truth about their past is unlocked with the help of Dreamer. This was a nice way for the writers to integrate Nia Nal into the story with her powers rather than just as the victim to Brainy’s romantic endeavors. 

This brings me onto the next part of the story. Brainy really won me round in season 4 and became the stand out humourous relief. This season I don’t find his humor as successful. An android from thousands of years in the future with infinite knowledge doesn’t realise his romantic gestures towards Nia Nal are about 100 years out of date. I find that very hard to believe and as such this results in punchlines missing the mark.

blurred lines


I still believe deep down Lena Luthor is a good person. Everything she has done in the past and is currently researching is to better humanity. Her heart and motivations are in the right place but the story so far this season is pushing her closer and closer to becoming just like her brother. Will Lena stay good or will something push her over the edge and propel the name Luthor back to being public enemy number one?


The primary battles this week are with a spider tattooed villain. I have no knowledge of and can only assume was created for the show. Caroline O’Conner played Brea St. James brought something new and fresh to the show and created an interesting concept that could easily return in future episodes. She was by far the best villain we have seen this season.

An honorable mention has to be given to the great Sean Astin. From Goonies to Lord of the Rings to Stranger Things, Astin has built an impressive resume in geek culture TV and Film. Turning up this week was a pleasant surprise and I hope he sticks around for a little while longer.


Blurred lines followed the tried and tested TV formula this week. Slight progression in the season long story arcs with the main focus being on the villain of the week. I feel it was going back to the basics which made this the most enjoyable and polished episode this season. As the action and pressure started to build towards the end of the episode it left me with a real desire to come back next week.