Written by: Jay Faerber & Jess Kardos

Directed by: David McWhirter


I am the first to admit that this season started slowly but I think this week it finally found it feet. A solid episode bringing certain stories to their conclusion whilst opening up plenty of new arcs.

Mehcad Brooks announced earlier in the summer he would be saying goodbye to the show and his role as James Olsen. I’m not sure if this episode was his final appearance or not. I certainly enjoyed the emotional farewell drinks the gang had as James laid out his future plans, but it wasn’t completely clear to me if this was his goodbye episode or not. Only time will tell.

After episode 2 I predicted that Kara’s next love interest would be William Day. Although that prediction hasn’t yet come to fruition, I’m sure after we learnt more about William this week, it’s only a matter of time.



An action packed return to form this week for Supergirl. Emotions were running high this week with some intense scenes for Alex and Kelly while Brainy and Nia’s relationship gets back on track. There was some dubious looking CGI during some of the fight scenes with Ma’alefa’ak but for a TV show budget, perfectly acceptable. Once again the writers perfected that cliffhanger ending making Lena’s future look very interesting.