Written by: Rob Wright & Daniel Beaty
Directed by: Alysse Leite-Rogers


I’m pleased that Supergirl this week continued its steady momentum forward. After a slow start the season is picking up the pace nicely with plenty of action, drama and as always heart.

The technology theme was again a key driver in the story this week. With the Obsidian North contact lense imminent launch we still don’t know if these are a genuine step forward in social media technology or if there is a sinister plot behind them.



The story that troubled me the most this week was that of Lena Luthor. I grasp to the belief that she is a good person cursed with a bad name. This week I am once again concerned with the path she is on. Will she stay true to her good nature or will that Luthor name take over?

Katie McGrath has been the stand our performer this season who is stealing every scene she is in. Her chemistry on screen this week with Alice Tessmacher and Ma’alefa’ak was brilliant. I especially enjoyed the scenes she manages to stand toe to toe with Ma’alefa’ak and even reverse roles to become the intimidating powerful figure.


This weeks villain was definitely one of the better to grace the show. Rip Roar is his name and four arms is his game. A character from the comics whose appearance has been heavily altered to fit in with the technology theme this season. Originally a four armed beast from Apokolips in the comics who had battles with Young Justice. A character that might have fit better in a different DC show Titans. That being said the Doctor Octopus type arms and inventive background story made this a fun villain who I feel may play a bigger part to the Willaim Day story.


Even in its fifth season, it’s great to see the show continue to grow and deliver entertainment every week. This week gave all the main characters equal screen time while being able to introduce new characters to the story. Following the season 4 finale tease “Leviathan is coming” that story has returned to our screen and I am very excited to see how things progress next week.