Written by: J. Holtham & Katie Rose Rogers
Directed by: Andi Armaganian

My biggest concern with Supergirl season five is its inability to pick a storyline to take centre stage. Tremors once again fails at this. So far this season we have Kara and Lena’s rocky friendship, J’onn and his battle with his brother Ma’alefa’ak, Lena and her dealings with Andrea, William and Kara, William and Andrea, William and Rip Roar, Alex and Kelly’s new relationship, Brainy and Nia’s relationship. Lets not forget we also spent three episodes saying goodbye to Jimmy Olsen and his struggle as Guardian.


The saving grace to this week’s episode was the overdue arrival of Leviathan. Tipped as the next big bad at the end of season four, they have very much lingered in the shadows so far this season. Tremors finally gave us a look at the faces behind Leviathan and what they are capable of. Hopefully this will lead to a more solid backbone to the future of this season as from what we see this week I am confident they will make a formidable opponent for team Supergirl.

Tremors was a solid filler episode which was well written and with some strong performances by our leading lady Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath aka Lena Luthor. Chyler Leigh who plays Alex Danvers again with some emotional scenes alongside Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai). My favourite moments this week were between Supergirl and Lena during their visit to the fortress of solitude and the battles with The Earth Bender a Leviathan kingpin.


My final thought this week is regarding the impending Crisis on Infinite Earths annual crossover. Playing a major plot point in both Arrow and Flash im surprised it hasn’t even been mentioned on Supergirl. With Barry Allen and Oliver Queen travelling in time and across different Earths in their own respective shows they so far have had no need to travel to Earth 38. With the previously mentioned ongoing stories it’s probably a blessing in disguise but it does make me wonder how Supergirl will join the Crisis.