Written by: Lindsay Sturman & Jess Kardos
Directed by: Marcus Stokes

As the penultimate episode before the annual crossover event, Supergirl could have played safe and coasted towards Crisis on Infinite Earths. Fortunately for the fans, the writers and producers decided not to and delivered the strongest episode this season.

Rama Khan returns as the big bad this week and as someone I feel has the strength to be a season long villain we have been treated to a genuine threat against Supergirl. As Leviathan continue to lurk in the shadows the show is doing a great job building the suspense around this covert group. We are still none the wiser as to who they are or what their intentions are. I feel this will play a bigger part post Crisis.

Rama Khan

Anyone who reads these reviews will know I am a huge fan of Katie Mcgrath and her portrayal of Lena Luthor. This week is another fine example as to why she is so good. A strong, confident and smart woman who strives to do the right thing but is very close to stepping over that line of morality. How far should someone go to do the right thing? This is the test Lena is taking this season.

The Wrath of Rama Khan is an excellent episode which delivers some fun action sequences while pushing out all the stops on CGI delivering some new and interesting effects. Demonstrating the power of Rama Khan was in particular very impressive.

rama khan


The closing scenes this week give us the first appearance of The Monitor on the show. If you watch all the other Arrowverse shows then you will be familiar with LaMonica Garrett’s portrayal of The Monitor as he has been popping up all season on Arrow and Flash. The annual crossover event this year will be the biggest to date, Crisis on Infinite Earths. This was a major comic book event resulting in the end of the Multiverse. We are yet to know if this is Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and co’s plan to bring Supergirl and Batwoman all into the same earth as Arrow and Flash but whatever the outcome its setting up to be one epic event.

crisis on infinite earths

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