Hello everybody!  It’s been a few months since I’ve taken part in DC World’s Hall of Fame.  But I’m back and bringing one of my favorite comic book writers with me for your consideration; Grant Morrison.

Morrison has been writing great stories for DC Comics since the mid-late 1980’s. After his first run on Animal Man impressed, Grant was asked to take over Doom Patrol.  This led to more work from DC over the years as Grant moved on to writing characters the likes of Batman, the JLA, Green Lantern and Superman.

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So why am I nominating Grant Morrison for DC World’s HOF?  3 words…All Star Superman.  You are doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t read what I consider to be Superman’s greatest story.  To show how important Superman is to Grant Morrison, I have included a quote and a page from All Star Superman Issue #4 that embodies everything that Superman stands for.

“Imagine a distant planet in a far off star system.  Light years from here.  We’ve never seen it in our telescopes.  We know nothing about them but they look a bit like us.  A star that’s in the last days of it’s life and the planet is under threat of destruction.  And those fantastic scientists say there is only one thing we can do and that is to send a child out into space who may carry the physical and mental attributes that these people have engendered over the centuries.  Imagine then this child coming to Earth suddenly is gifted with powers come from the great society that gave birth to him.  He not only brings those powers but he brings a morality.  Just imagine what he could do to a world with the aim of changing it and making things better.” – Grant Morrison

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As always, thanks for reading…Happy voting everyone.