Happy Holidays DCWorld readers! The time has finally come! The draught is almost done! Season 2 of Pennyworth premieres this Sunday, December 13th at 9:00PM(EST USA) on EPIX! And this season looks to be just as good as the first.

Here is the Season 1 trailer:


The series takes place in what looks to be the 1960’s era in a fictional version of London, England. Alfred Pennyworth is 26 years-old fresh out of 10 years with the British Army. He is starting his own business, Pennyworth Security, with a couple of his ex-Army mates. In between jobs he is a bouncer at a nightclub where he meets Thomas Wayne. But they aren’t introduced to each other until Alfred is punched in the face by Thomas Wayne’s sister Patricia. The next morning Thomas is attacked in his apartment by the Raven Society. He tries to recruit Alfred for help, but he declines. It isn’t until Bet Sykes, an officer of the Raven Society, kidnaps his girlfriend Esme that he gets involved.

Season One ends with the Queen of England being kidnapped by the Raven Society. Alfred saves her to only quickly save her again in a bombing. In that same bombing, Alfred’s dad dies. Thomas Wayne and Marth Kane (the future Mrs. Wayne) share their feelings for each other (but Wayne has a problem – see Season 2 trailer below). Alfred is offered a job at The Scotland Yard. And Thomas Wayne is almost killed by a sniper.

Watch (or rewatch if you’ve forgotten) Season One before Sunday to fill in the gaps.

Here is the trailer for Season 2 which premieres this Sunday, December 13th on EPIX: