Sunday 24th February in the evening a fascinating teaser trailer dropped for the new HBO television series Watchmen. The response from twitter was that the 6 seconds that was shown, didn’t really look like The Watchmen.

A 10 episode season will be shown on HBO in 2019. Creator Damon Lindelof with writers Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have created the television show together. Four directors have been announced Steph Green, Nicole Kassell, Andrij Parekh and Stephen Williams. All the directors have vast experience in film and television.

So I decided to take a closer look at who has been cast in some of the roles in Watchmen. I admit and hold my hands up I have only seen the Zack Snyder movie once and I have never read the 12 serialised comics.

Regina King

Casting of Watchmen shows an impressive line up. Academy Award winner Regina King leads the cast as Angela Abraham. A female cop, independent and intelligent who happens to be a realist as well.

Jeremy Irons, another Academy Award winner is no stranger to the Dc Universe. He has been cast as Adrian Veidt/ Ozymandias. This character I have to say has me completely intrigued as he has been deemed the smartest man in the world.

Playing the Anti-hero Adrian Veidt, Jeremy Irons

Andrew Howard, cast as Red Scare a track suit wearing cop with a Russian accent.

Legendary actor of stage and screen Louis Gossett Jr, will play Old Man. An imposing figure despite his age.

Don Johnson also has been cast but not confirmed which character he will be.

Adelaide Clemens from one of my favourite films The Great Gatsby, will play Pirate Jenny. An androgynous and lustful bisexual cop. Jenny is an anarchist at heart.

Possibly Pirate Jenny

Looking glass, a good looking cop, native Oklahoman who is a top interrogator and behavioural scientist. Tim Blake Nelson of Minority Report and O’Brother Where Art thou Fame.

Any extra news, trailers and images that get announced about the HBO series Watchmen, Dc World will keep you updated.