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Episode 4 – Private Security (Contains Spoilers)

This episode gives us 3 stories to follow which are all set up with the tag line “where is Dick?”. Artemis, Black Lightning and Superboy are all left to pick up the pieces after returning from Markovia as Dick is nowhere to be seen.

The first story is surrounding Halo, the new metahuman we met in the last episode. She is with Artemis as they try to learn more about Halo’s unknown past. They speak with Dr Fate while Zatanna has her yearly visit with her father. Fate says Halo is an old spirit in a young body. Something I’m sure we will explore more as the season develops.

The second story arc we see is Superboy looking after Prince Brion. The two of them discuss the differences between life in America and life as a prince in Markovia.

Finally the bulk of the episode follows Dick on his quest trying to stop the ongoing child trafficking pandemic. He recruits Red Arrow, Arsenal and Guardian but they must first help Will (Arsenal) on a Job with his private security company. The shipment of Goode VR goggles they were protecting gets stolen. This sets up a climatic high speed heist with Brick and his gang. Nightwing and co manage to retrieve the goods just in time to also close down the child trafficking warehouse.

Episode 5 – Away Mission (Contains spoilers)

This episode takes us to New Genesis and we meet the New Gods. Bear comes to Earth to get help from the team due to issues with The Hive and some Human DNA being found. The team, led by Miss Martian boom tube to New Genesis to investigate, only to discover it was her brother Ma’alefa’ak behind the problems. After a mind battle he is defeated and retreats leaving the team to return home with another stray Forager. A member of the Hive who is arguably the cutest character to appear in Yong Justice. Banished from New Genesis for contacting the Justice League we will have to see if he joins the team.

The second story arc to the episode is back on Earth as we see Prince Brion and Halo testing out their Meta powers. Superboy stays on Earth to keep watch over them, time will tell how these characters stories develop.

Young Justice

Episode 6 – Rescue Op (Contains spoilers)

As per the title suggests this episode is a simple rescue mission. Team Dick learns where Prince Brion’s missing sister Terra is and they set of to rescue her. Forager joins up with Brion and Halo as they rush of after Terra with Nightwing, Miss Martian, Black Lightning and Superboy in pursuit. Terra is being held by none other than the league of shadows and this is where the episode really gets interesting.

Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, that’s 4 Robins that we potentially have on the show now. Dick and Tim are series regulars and the deceased Jason Todd was referenced in season 2 invasion. In this episode Talia Al Ghul arrives with a body guard in a red hood who is apparently getting his memories back. This should excite any Batman fan with the possibility that the guard in the red hood is actually a resurrected Jason Todd and we may see his Under the Red Hood story arc later in the series. Talia also arrived carrying a baby which leads the audience to believe its none other than Damian Wayne, the fourth character to don the Robin persona.

This has been the stand out episode so far this season for me. All the talk about Robin has been a nice tease to fans of the character. The writing this series has been to a really high standard, not simply addressing real life topical and political issues but by making these relevant to a younger audience. I also feel now we have a good idea to the team dynamics going forward for Outsiders. The Justice League for the second episode in a row are nowhere to be seen and the Young Justice team can easily hold their own. Brion and Halo is the blossoming relationship to be watching. We have finally learnt that Barbara Gordan is not only helping Dick from her wheelchair as Orale, but they are now romantically involved.

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