Episode 7: Evolution (Contains spoilers)

We welcome Vandal Savage back to the show with fantastic origin story episode. If Warner Bros and DC wanted to invest in a new Villain centric movie then they couldn’t go far wrong by contacting Greg Weismann and Brandon Vietti to write the story for them. Vandal Savage has been on our screens many times before but this was the strongest most compelling version I have seen. The story of his origin is told through the eyes of his daughter Cassandra or Scandal Savage as she is better known in the comics. 

The last time we saw savage he had stolen the war world and was in space scheming with Darkseid. Through a video call with Lex Luthor we get a rundown of what he has been up to. This time he actually appears to be protecting Earth from and armada of ships en route. We are treated to an amazing display of what the war world can do as it unleashes an almighty attack on the armada. This was quite a haunting scene with some pitch perfect music playing over the top.

The team very much take a back seat in this episode with Vandal Savage stealing all the lime light. Halo, Forager and Brion (now known as Geo Force) continue their training and receive their battle attire.


Episode 8: Triptych (Contains spoilers)

Triptych tells 3 entwining stories that all merge together at the end. This episode brings us back to the main season plot dealing with the metahuman trafficking. Triptych was the first full Young Justice story-based episode we have had in a while and pushed the season along nicely.

The first arc of the three stories we follow Nightwing and his team to track down Brions sister. Geo Force, Halo and Forager put their new skills to the test for the first time in a team dynamic and perform admirably. 

The second arc takes us to Gotham as the Bat Family including Robin, Arrowette, Spoiler and Orphan are tracking down The Mad Hatter, who at one point turns out to be Clayface. After a short battle they track down the real Mad Hatter to discover he is using nanites to control people now.

The third arc brings us to Star City as a prisoner transport is attacked by Sportsmaster and Abra Kadabra. A mystery prisoner and Brick are the targets to be rescued, but never fear Shazam and The Flash are here. With some help from Aquaman they manage to prevent Brick from being taken but the mystery prisoner escapes with Sportsmaster.

The three stories then come together for the conclusion of the episode. The mystery prisoner is identified as Shade who is now being controlled by Mad Hatters nanites and that Simon Stagg is behind it all.

Episode 9: Home Fires (Contains spoilers)

Four letters and one name made this one of my favourite episodes LOBO. We find Lobo on Ringor where he accepts a mystery contract bringing him to Earth. During a training exercise with Nightwing Lobo arrives to announce “The main man’s contract is with this bug” pointing at Forager. Giving the others the chance to leave Halo, Geo Force, Superboy, Tigress and Nightwing refuse and stay to fight Lobo and protect Forager. In my humble opinion this was by far the best action sequence of the season as Lobo makes light work of the team Geo force and Black Lightning do their best to subdue the main man, but only for a short time. Lobo eventually fulfils his contract and kills Forager, only for us to learn he was tricked as Forager simply shed his shell to trick Lobo.

Meanwhile we keep flashing back to Central City as Iris hosts a baby group with all the mums of the DC universe. They are not alone though as in a house across the street a sniper awaits counting and recording the arrivals. The mystery watcher turns out to be Orm the Ocean Master only to stopped from attacking at the last minute by Lady Shiva. She explains that he will be interfering with The Light’s master plan for our Heroes and tries to convince him to join their cause.

At the end a meeting between the 7 leaders of the Light tell us how they recruited Lobo, not to simply kill Forager but to confirm that Nightwing had formed a new team. The Outsiders, although not technically part of the Justice League has been working independently to bring down the Light and their Metahuman trafficking and now the Light know.