Episode 10 – Exceptional Human Beings (Contains spoilers)

This was arguably the first episode that lack any real substance, while also being very entertaining. There was a lot happening in this episode without much story, if that makes sense. The main plot involved Batman and Katana in search of Tara. Arriving on Santa Prisca they are confronted by Deathstroke, Lady Shiva and Casandra Savage. We are treated to some impressive fight sequences, including an excellent display of
Metamorpho’s abilities.

Nightwing continues his training with Halo, Forager and Geo Force while Artemis spends some time in high school. Artemis take Forager and Halo to enroll in school which gives us an introduction to Victor Stone. Still a high school football star, in search of his distant fathers attention we see the New 52 origin version of Cyborg.

Episode 11 – Another Freak (Contains spoilers)

Another freak is simply a Cyborg origin story episode, and a good one at that. Victor is with his father Silas arguing at STAR labs when an accident causes and explosion and virtually kills Victor. Silas manages to bring Victor back to life with the help of a father box but not without consequences. Victors body is replaced with cybernetic parts and we see for the first time the birth of Cyborg.

Simultaneously back at Happy Harbor Voilet is struggling with her new powers and discovers she can open boom tubes. Using these new skills she travels to STAR labs and brings Cyborg back to Happy Harbor, after freeing him from the destructive control of the Father box.

Nightwing gives Brion an update on their search for his sister and is brutally honest by telling him its time to prepare for the worst and try to move on.

Episode 12 – Nightmare Monkeys (Contains spoilers)

As you might have guessed with the title, Nightmare Monkeys brings the return of Beast Boy. Garfield has been absent for most of the series but this episode sees his official return to the team. Having been plagued by a series of Nightmares Garfield has to relive the deaths of all his nearest and dearest, from his parents, The Doom Patrol and finally Kid Flash. Only with the help of M’Gann Garfield is released from his dreams and is able to confirm that Granny Goodness is using her Goode goggles for evil.

Cyborg is starting to integrate with the rest of the team, before is has an altercation with Sphere. Discovering that Halo has the power of a Mother box and is the only one capable of controlling Cyborgs father box aggression they are ordered to stay close to each other by Nightwing.

Episode 13 – True Heroes (Contains spoilers)

The mid season finale gave us a lot to think about until the show returns in July. Nightwing and his team covertly infiltrate a Meta Human fight club being run by Granny Goodness. The team manage to locate and rescue Brions sister Tara, who is now known as Terra.

Back in Happy Harbor Cyborg has another aggressive take over by the father box and it takes all Halo’s power to finally remove Cyborg from its grip once and for all. After this Nightwing and Artemis agree that Geo Force, Halo, Forager and Terra are ready to step up and join the team.

Finally we are left with the mother of all cliff hangers. The following day Terra is seen sending a text with the words “I’m in” and the recipient was none other than Deathstroke.

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